Festival „Rigas Ritmi 2010” summer session has concluded!

After four musically saturated and exciting days festival „Rigas Ritmi 2010“ summer session has concluded.

Saturday at Latvian Radio studio master classes took place for the fourth – final day around. This day practice was conducted by Cuban singer Olvido Ruiz, German pianist and composer Sebastian Shunke and Uruguayan drummer Diego Pinera.

Riga Children festival cheered young listeners and their parents from 11 AM in Vermanes Gaden. At the very place in evening at 6 PM performed group „Zimbabw“, „Dainius Pulauskas Group“ and „City Jazz Big Band“ feat. Aisha.

Great evening opportunities to music fanciers were offered also in the festival club „Artelis“, where „DP Trio“, „Riga Groove Electro feat. Jolanta Gulbe“ and Italian jazz masters „Line Up Quartet“ .

Evening’s main event took place in concert at Riga Congress Center, with participation of charming Cuban diva Olvido Ruiz and German composer and pianist Sebastian Schunke.  Most of compositions played during concert are composed by Schunke himself. Project „Sebastian Schunke meets Olvido“ has assembled a truly exotic team – German pianist Sebastian Schunke, bassist Marcel Krömker, hot-blooded Cuban Olvido, Australian saxophonist Dan Freeman, and Uruguayan percussion master Diego Pinera.

Later the stage was owned by Bill Evans & Robben Ford feat. Etienne Mbappe with project „Soulgrass meets Blues“. Bill Evans – saxophone, Robben Ford – guitar, Ryan Cavanaugh – banjo, Etienne Mbappé – bass, Toss Panos – drums, – these words don’t need a comment in the jazz community.  That’s why possibility of seeing these famous musicians playing together on one stage is even more unique.  Vigorously, touching, genuine jazz style, and so persuasive that, presumably, none of the viewers present had a slightest doubt that they are in presence of truly skilful musicians.