Award ECHO Jazz 2017 Instrumentalist Drums/Percussion national

I still can’t believe it! About two years ago I’ve been recording ‚my picture‘ with Mark Turner & Ben Street. This recording session was a milestones in my life and an amazing experience. I am so happy to receive such an honorable award and that at the same time as my idol Antonio Sanchez (international).
A big „thank you“ to my management Daniel Lindenblatt, to Wolfgang ‚Lobo‘ from Octason Records and also to the department of Cultural Affairs for the financial support too.  Thank you to my family and all my friends which supported me for so many years. Looking forward to the awards show!

Solopiece 2017

I would like to introduce you my new solo piece „Anthropology“. Its over a dotted quarter ostinato with some Pinera polyrythm sauce 🙂 https://youtu.be/QWr4FiZoRJ0

Press  about my picture

See some great reviews about my last album my picture here

My Picture Tour 2016 w/Donny McCaslin

The „My Picture“tour with Donny McCaslin and Phil Donkin was truly amazing!! Thanks to Donny and Phil for that wonderful days and concerts! Watch a Video here

diego pinera trio_16mai_portrait_2_foto gerhard richter

About my picture

„…It is an expression of the creative force of Pinera, Street and Turner that by all spiritual poetry of their trio context they stay present and earthbound. All three are constantly transmitting and receiving between each other, but they transmit together. All this is based on the grounds of jazz and using elements of jazz. But this music embodies much more than what the categorical shortening of a genre can do. It is the uniqueness of a special and distinctively playful moment which you can only hear from this and no other context…“

excerpt liner notes by Wolf Kampmann

Winner at the International Songwriting Competition

Yes!! I made to win on this international competition under the category „Jazz“ with my tunes „My Picture“ from my new album with Mark Turner and Ben Street with over 18,500 entrants!
Check out a FULL clip from the studio session!